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New Book Released - Condo

CONDO was officially released on 5th May 2020.
The book was inspired by a huge gator that decided to hang around the boat docks for a few days in Venetian Bay, Naples Florida, where we live in the winter.

The plot for my soon to be released book CONDO

The plot for my soon to be released book CONDO, was inspired by a huge gator that decided to hang around the boat docks for a few days in Venetian Bay, Naples Florida, where we live in the winter. People often ask if Gators will really attack human beings - see the footage below for the answer...

Gibson Crime Thrillers Box Set

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Next Stop . . . Cuba

Planning a trip back to Cuba as part of our winter getaway. Lots of interesting stuff to see - inspiration abounds! 

My last visit inspired a few chapters in my book Florida Clowns, so who know what will come out of my next trip? I wonder if the two cigar smoking old biddies are still around?

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Treasure hunting alive and well.... See my latest thriller - You Owe Me

See my latest thriller - You Owe Me

Treasure hunters seek £300bn of gold bullion from war wrecks

ByDominic Nicholls

TREASURE hunters will shortly set sail to search for £300 billion worth of British gold after identifying 700 war wrecks.

Extensive research over many years has identified the locations of hundreds of the 7,500 merchant ships lost in both world wars.

Gold bullion was shipped to the US and other locations for safekeeping and to pay for munitions and goods. While there is much information on which ships carried silver, the gold shipments were classified secret, meaning data on possible locations were scarce.

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Gone fishin' again

Been waiting for the rains to fill up those rivers and this week, they came with a vengeance. So off I went to pursue my second favourite hobby. Did I catch any fish? No of course not!

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Wooden Fish

Okay, so you know that most authors are a bit eccentric - you didn't?!
Well, maybe it's just me then. So, apart from writing, I enjoy catching fish, and eating fish, and carving fish out of wood. I told you, eccentric.... 

Here are some samples of my work.

wood fish7

wooden steelhead



Naples. Florida

Much of the inspiration for my stories comes from my own experiences, in terms of the places I travel to, and the characters I meet along the way. Naples Florida often features in my novels. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, it has wonderful beaches, and just a few miles away, are the Everglades, with alligators, snakes, bears, deer, panthers and all manner of creatures.


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Mel's diner - Florida

A chance meeting in a diner in Naples Florida formed the basis of Kerry Costello’s latest crime novel.

Says Costello; “We have a small condo in Naples, on the Gulf of Mexico, where we spend as much of the winter as possible. In 2015 I went to Mel’s Diner to get a takeaway meal. The place was busy so I decided to have a beer while I waited. I soon fell into conversation with an interesting looking character called Rudy. He told me he was a treasure hunter, diving for treasure-trove in sunken Spanish Galleons off the coast of Florida. At first, I thought he was some sort of fantasist, but then I checked online the next day and it didn’t take long for me to realise the guy was telling the truth.


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